Suzanne F. Stevens

Suzanne F Stevens is the Chief Edge Optimizer for the Ignite Excellence Inc. Group of Initiatives. Suzanne is a professional speaker and focuses on communication topics that push people and teams to the edge, where she believes “we all perform at our best.” Suzanne is the President & Founder of Ignite Excellence Inc. an international training company specializing influential communications for leaders and sale teams. Suzanne is also the Founder of the Ignite Excellence Foundation, whose missions are leadership, advocacy and education and vision is to invest, inspire and develop women leadersin emerging countries. The foundation mandate is achieved by investing in women’s tertiary education and providing leadership training. Wisdom Exchangetv, which Suzanne is the host and co-producer, is a web-enable platform where African women leaders (trailblazer, pioneers, leaders of many) are interview to share their wisdom, strategies and tactics on how to achieve personal and professional potential in Africa. Her other hats include Coach, Sales Person,Conference Producer, Board Member, Adventure Traveler, Photographer, and Wife. Suzanne is presently travellng Africa with her husband for the next two years + (commenced March 2011) working on sponsorship for ABW (Africa Business Women Connected initiative), interviewing women leaders and providing influential communications training online to organizations and aspiringleading ladies.