Beverley Rodrigues

Beverley Rodrigues is the founder and Managing Partner of Bevor Consulting and Training Services, a Canadian business that focuses on organizational development, program planning and adult training. She has more than 20 years of combined experience in development banking, sustainable livelihoods, community and international development.

Beverley has worked with CAABWA since 2009 supporting program development, training and fund raising. She has investigated and initiated local partnerships for programming and training of immigrant business women in Canada; initiated collaborative community initiatives and developed funding proposals to local funders and international donors includingCIDA and Ontario Trillium. She is a member of the planning and implementation team for ABW Connected, a regional program developed by CAABWA that focuses on economic empowerment of African women entrepreneurs and youth. Through CAABWA, Beverley leads in the curriculum development and program coordination for “Experiencing Development in Africa”, a course for first year students taking International Development Studies at the University of Toronto.

Beverley has lived and worked in South America, the Caribbean, North America and Europe.During her work life, she has held positions such as a Senior Manager, Guyana Agriculturaland Industrial Development Bank; Lecturer, University of Guyana ; Program Manager andActing Country Director, Voluntary Services Overseas (VSO), Guyana and Manager, WomenServices at Community Micro Skills, Toronto. As a consultant, Beverley completed studiesand reports for local and international organizations on women food producers; women andcredit; marketing of agricultural produce; human development; small business development;health and community development; youth and entrepreneurship and many others. She isthe author of Women Food Producers in Guyana: Technology and Marketing - and co-authorof Women Food Producers in Guyana: National Summary sponsored by the Inter AmericanDevelopment Bank (IDB). Beverley holds a Masters of Science Degree in Agricultural Economicsand has completed post graduate courses in development management and certification inadult education.

Beverley enjoys family, travelling, dancing to soca music and speaking Polish when she can.