New Course Launched with the University of Toronto

CAABWA has been contracted by the University of Toronto (U of T) to develop and teach a new first year International Development Studies course that provides students the opportunities to experience first the realities, challenges and opportunities of learning with development organizations working in Africa.

The course “ IDSA02H3/AFSA03H3: Experiencing Development in Africa” was launched at the U of T Scarborough Campus  on January 13, 2012 and runs for  twelve weeks with a maximum enrollment of 25 students who plan to major in International Development Studies and who wish to gain better knowledge of the reality of working with partners in capacity building in a developing country setting.  The course curriculum was developed on behalf of CAABWA by Beverley Rodrigues and Deborah Turnbull who also lead in the course coordination and delivery.  The U of T supervisors are Leslie Chan ( IDS, Social Sciences) and Dr. Stephen Rockel (African Studies, Humanities).

This experiential learning course consists of lectures by CAABWA and Guest Speakers; in-class experiential workshops; field trips and academic research. The course culminates with a conference on “Women and development in Africa.”